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Relax, Unwind, and Enjoy the Norge Experience

Chances are, a visit to the dentist isn’t on your top most relaxing destinations. Visit us and find out why our patients describe the Norge experience as spa-like, tranquil, and even fun.

We’ve designed our facilities—from the reception area to the pediatric wing—to provide you a peaceful environment to relieve any stress or worry.

Our friendly staff is on standby to answer any of your concerns, and a number of amenities await to make your experience at Norge Dental Center not only one to remember—but also one to look forward to!

Welcome to Norge…

A spacious interior, a waterfall, and large windows greet you upon entering. The soothing sound of the water sets the tone for the tranquil nature of the office space, while the oversized windows invite in warm sunlight and the beautiful Virginia sky. You’ll feel the stress and anxiety of seeing the dentist vanish in the calming trickle of the water, or the warmth of the afternoon sun on your skin.

The Dental Lounge…

When you step into our Dental Lounge, our caring dental staff and relaxed atmosphere will work to lighten your spirits and keep you comfortable prior to your appointment.

In the chair…

At Norge Dental Center, we believe that the patient should feel at home. We want to take your mind off the dentistry, so we provide a few creature comforts for you to enjoy, including:
  • Lavender-scented eyeshades
  • Headphones
  • Blanket and pillow
We strive to deliver that “fall asleep” comfort you expect from a spa-like experience because we believe improving your smile should be a happy process—and people are happiest when they’re relaxed!

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Pediatric suite–where the kids go to play

For families with children, our pediatric suite is the perfect place to entertain your young ones. Kids can play before they have their visit with the dentist, or while mom and dad are having their turn in the dentist’s chair. Separate from the main lobby, the pediatric wing is here to give children and adults their own space to create an accommodating, relaxing experience.

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