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Dr. Timothy K. Johnston

“I’m constantly researching materials, techniques and technology to find what’s best for our patients. I want to know what’s stronger, lasts longer, & looks better. Our patients can trust we’ve done the research.”
Water skiing, car racing, deep-sea diving? Just a few of Dr. Tim Johnston’s favorite calming activities after a thrilling week of dental research & management. A self-professed CE junkie, Dr. Johnston lives for the moment when a new dental technology emerges. He knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s teaching his staff, and a patient is benefiting from the latest streamlined, painless procedure.
“The dentist part of me is careful and methodical, but the business owner part of me is always pushing the envelope,” he says. “The biggest rushes come from seeing a patient’s eyes light up when they realize this will be much easier than they expected.”
After graduating from dental school in 1989, Dr. Johnston embarked on the epic journey of building a private practice from the ground up. While he never specifically set out to inspire others to give great dental care, he always wanted to have his own practice, and he studied diligently on the best ways to do that. Since then, he’s mastered enough techniques and improved enough systems to train entire legions of dentists. And he has if you count the hundreds of dental students he taught for 17 years at his alma mater, the Medical College of Virginia, as well as the groups of practicing dentists who have attended his professional development seminars. Today, Norge Dental Center has grown into a popular 16-chair practice, and Dr. Johnston focuses on mentoring and training his staff. When in doubt, people tend to ask Dr. Johnston. He absolutely, positively, almost certainly knows the answer. Yes, he’s a total nerd about dental industry practices, studies, and technologies. But he can’t imagine anything cooler. After all, he believes, a dental license is nothing more than a license to learn more.


  • MCV School of Dentistry 1985 – 1989
  • St. Bonaventure University 1982 – 1985


Did you know? Rarely listens to the radio while driving. Instead, rocks out to seminar recordings on dental work and practice management. Saves everything: notes, lectures, product reviews, and clinical reports—just in case he wants to review it or share it with his staff. Met his wife, Kelly, in dental school. There’s a chance she delivered your baby. Has three children: Haley, Ben and Will. Coaches the New Kent High School swim team. Loves adventure sports: scuba diving, water-skiing, and car racing. Flies model airplanes (by remote control).  He just released his first book:  Ring Bell for Service!  Click here.
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