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February is Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health month. One of the most common questions we are asked is when should you start taking your child to the Dentist? The American Dental Association recommends that children should have an exam by the time of their first birthday. Being both a Registered Dental Hygienist and a mom of two, I realize just how beneficial it is to have these early introductions. During your child’s first appointment home care, diet, and even hereditary predispositions will be discussed. We value these appointments as a way to answer any questions or concerns new parents may have regarding dental health. Since cavities are the most chronic disease in children, it is important to have both this evaluation and demonstration on how to properly care for your child’s teeth early on. We continue to adapt to the dental needs of children as they transition from baby (primary) dentition to adult (permanent) dentition. During this stage of growth, we take the necessary radiographs to help diagnose and create treatment plans for both restorative and aesthetic needs. It is also during this time that preventative sealants can be placed on the biting surface of newly erupted molars, and early orthodontics can be introduced. Oral growth and development, as well as the need for speech and language counseling, are reviewed. We find that encouraging healthy habits throughout adolescence and providing a comfortable atmosphere helps our patients have optimal dental health for life. Here at Norge Dental Center, our pediatric reception and treatment rooms are adapted for the comfort of our younger patients and their families. Every child is unique, as are their dental needs. As part of our comprehensive approach to dental care, we strive to create a treatment plan that is necessary and personalized to each patient. We look forward to sharing it with your family and promoting a lifetime of healthy smiles. author: Christina Thomas, RDH 

How to avoid Christmas Cavities

Here at Norge Dental Center we would like to wish all of our patients a happy and healthy holiday season. Whether you are traveling or staying close to home, we have a few helpful tips to keep your smiles bright for all those holiday photos. First, remember that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Maintaining our daily dental routines to help guide us through the season is very important. Brushing at least twice a day for two minutes, and flossing will help minimize the buildup of plaque and calculus throughout the mouth. Avoiding excessive sweets, although not particularly practical this time of year, is key to preventing a holiday treat from becoming a New Year’s problem. Not only can sweets contribute to new cavities, but harder candies can also cause teeth to chip or break. Now as we raise our glasses to celebrate the holidays before us, and the year ahead of us, remember that even wine contains sugars that can break down the enamel and overall health of our teeth. By pairing wine with cheese we can balance some of the acidity of the alcohol while also stimulating salivation which will help with staining. If you or a family member are due for your routine cleaning and exam remember the New Year is just around the corner and it is a perfect time to get on schedule with your oral health. We would love to help get you an appointment at the beginning of the year. Just give us a call or send us an email. We hope you enjoy all the beautiful moments that this time of year brings and look forward to seeing what makes you smile. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! Warm Wishes, Your friends and family here at Norge Dental Center   written by Christina Thomas, R.D.H.  

National Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes and Your Oral Health November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, so this is an opportune time to learn more about your oral health.  Diabetes is more common than you may think. In fact, almost 10% or 30 million people living in the United States have diabetes, and studies suggest another 8 million people don’t know they have it.  Diabetes impacts your body’s ability to process sugar, resulting in high blood sugar levels.  One may experience problems with eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart and extremities. Did you know diabetes left untreated can also affect your oral health. Researchers agree there is an increased presence of gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease) among diabetics.  They are more susceptible to bacterial infection. Symptoms of untreated diabetes include: dry mouth; inflamed and bleeding gums; diminished ability to taste food; and delayed wound healing.   What can you do?  Your dentist and hygienist know diabetics have special needs and they are well-equipped to be part of your health care team, with your help.  Be sure to share your health history with your dental providers, and provide them with a current list of medications. Here are some important steps YOU can take: Control your blood glucose; this is key to controlling and preventing mouth problems. Brush well twice a day, with a soft brush, and floss regularly. Schedule routine checkups at least twice per year.  Some insurance companies will allow a third exam for those with diabetes! Remove and clean dentures daily, and alert your dentist if they make your gums sore. QUIT SMOKING.  Smoking negatively affects all parts of your body and it exacerbates gum disease as well. Your dentist and hygienist will provide regular cleanings and exams.  If you have periodontal disease, you may require a deep cleaning, or you may be referred to a periodontist for gum surgery.  Your dentist can prescribe a special mouth rinse for your teeth and gums, as well as a special solution for your dentures. Your dental team will partner with you to ensure you have the healthiest mouth possible.  Just make sure you do your part too!  

Williamsburg Health Foundation Annual Awards 2018

  On October 17, 2018, The Williamsburg Health Foundation recognized Dr. Johnston and the team at Norge Dental Center for their efforts to provide the Greater Williamsburg area with easily attainable oral care.  Clarence Wilson, chair of the annual awards committee of the Board of Trustees, said it best when he observed, “Norge Dental Center and other businesses show the best of our community and the helping hands in it.” Each spring, Norge Dental Center hosts Dentistry from the Heart, providing free dental care to as many people as can be seen in one day.  During the 7th annual event this year, 185 patients were treated! Dr. Johnston is quick to commend other dentists and businesses in the community, noting that, “We have a very active community of dentists…and a number of outreach programs for both kids and adults.  We’re one more layer in this community.”   

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can be frustrating, it can also cause a wide range of problems for the dental patient.  Why we experience it, and the duration or severity of the condition known as Xerostomia, are all factors taken into consideration when discussing treatment. Sometimes Xerostomia is a result of a serious medical condition; however, there are also times that a reduced salivary flow is a result of the medications or treatment itself of a certain condition.  Regardless, when our mouth lacks the ability to naturally produce saliva, the result is the same.  Patients are more susceptible to cavities, periodontal disease, reduced taste or even pain. Minor relief can come from sipping on water or chewing sugar-free gum, but there are also other ways to help maintain a moist oral environment.  Avoid alcohol and tobacco products foremost, as these can be drying and damaging to the soft tissues in the mouth.  Dry or salty snacks reduce salivary flow, and should be replaced with a soft, high protein diet. When simple diet changes are not enough, there are over-the-counter products available like Biotene, which can be used as a rinse, gel, or spray.  Neutrasal is another product available in the treatment of Xerostomia.  It can take multiple approaches to find relief when dry mouth becomes a problem.   With routine oral exams, our team of dental professionals can evaluate each patient’s individual situation to determine the best course of treatment. Do you suffer from Dry Mouth? A visit to your local Williamsburg Dentist could find you the answers you need. Give us a call today. We promise we won’t let you say “ahh” till we know your story first. This could be your first step to healthier, bigger smile! Click here to schedule an appointment today. By, Christina Thomas, RDH SaveSave 

7th Annual Dentistry from the Heart, 185 Free Smiles!

On Saturday, March 24th, we hosted our 7th Annual Dentistry From the Heart event.  Over 65 dentists, assistants, nurses, clinical and administrative staff contributed to serve 185 grateful and excited patients! We are so thankful to our dozens of sponsors that provided supplies, food, drinks and snacks for the volunteers, and their genuine compassion to make the Norge Dental Center’s Dentistry From the Heart event run smoothly and successfully.  Here is what some of our Happy Patients had to say: Philip Bradshaw “Seeing what you do for the community I grew up in does my heart good.”  Amanda Ratcliffe  “Last year you gave my husband his smile back he hasn’t had in so long…. words can’t express how much this has improved his life.” “Amanda was our very first patient. She arrived at 2 AM and  was able to go through the line twice. She is so thankful that she is no longer in pain. I was able to sit with Amanda while she was waiting. I love talking with patients getting to know them. Being able to provide the services we can at this event is such a huge resource to our community. I am so thankful that we have the support of our staff,  volunteers and community to help make this event such a success.”-  Alyssa Stevens   SaveSave 

Norge Dental Center is Spreading Free Smiles Across Williamsburg & Hampton Roads

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Norge Dental Center is Spreading Free Smiles Across Williamsburg & Hampton Roads Norge Dental Center will host Dentistry From The Heart – Providing 200+ People with Free Dental Care on Saturday, March 24th, 2018. Each of the attendees will have a choice of a cleaning, filling or extraction.  Care will be provided on a ‘first come – first served’ basis for adults 18 years old and over. Williamsburg, VA – 2018 –Dr. Timothy Johnston will host a free dental care event through Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) supporting Williamsburg residents by providing free dental services to the first 200+ people. The team of dental professionals at Norge Dental Center will provide the first 200 adult patients with a free extraction, filling or cleaning.  There will also be several hygienists, dental assistants and other dental professionals donating their time and resources in order to provide free dental care to as many residents in need as possible. This free dentistry event will donate thousands of dollars in free dental care and provide much-needed relief to people in need in the community. This is the 7th Annual event for Norge Dental Center, previous events have contributed over 1/2 a million in free dentistry and has helped more than 1300 people. Like hundreds of other Dentistry From The Heart members, this will not be their last annual event. This sort of outreach comes complete with improved smiles, relief from suffering and a warm sense of gratitude. The services provided by Dentistry From The Heart not only help a patients teeth and overall health, it gives them a renewed reason to smile. The media is invited to join the teams of volunteers, patients, and of course Dr. Johnston on Saturday, March 24th to spread free smiles across Williamsburg through Dentistry From The Heart located at 7450 Richmond Road in Williamsburg, VA 23188.  Patients are asked to arrive early as the event is a first come, first serve basis.  Event registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. and patients will be seen through 4 p.m. that day. Patients are also encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather, to bring a chair, blankets, water, snacks, etc. as they may be outside waiting to be seen. For more information visit or call us at (757)-564-0804. The smiles are on us! Dentistry From The Heart- In 2001, Dentistry From The Heart began with Florida dentist Dr. Vincent Monticciolo, who wanted to give back to the community by providing aid to the growing number of Americans without dental insurance. Dentistry From The Heart is a registered non-profit organization that donates free dental work to people in need. Since its inception, Dentistry From The Heart has grown to include over 200 annual events nationwide and provided more than 80,000 people with an estimated $9 million in free dental care services.  For more information, please visit:              

US Weekly, Business Interview with Dr. Timothy Johnston, Founder at Norge Dental Center

Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge. There are many standard challenges that face every business whether they are large or small. It is not easy running a company, especially in a fast-paced, ever-changing business world. Technology advances, new hiring strategies, and now, political changes coming with the new administration, all add to the existing business challenges that entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives have to deal with. Maximizing profits, minimizing expenses and finding a talented staff to keep things moving seem to be top challenges for both SMBs and large corporations. We have been interviewing companies from around the world to discover what challenges they are facing in their businesses. We also asked each company to share business advice they would give to a younger version of themselves. Below is our interview with Dr. Timothy Johnston, Founder of Norge Dental Center: What does your company do? We change lives. We help people get that new job or start a new relationship. Through our work, we improve self-confidence and embolden people to smile at that class reunion. In short, we change lives by changing smiles. We are more than a dental office. While we do some regular maintenance like clean teeth and fill cavities, for many others we fix years of neglect or genetic misfortune. We provide cosmetic, reconstructive solutions for the first thing people notice when they meet you: your smile. What is your role? What do you enjoy most about your role? I wear two hats: dentist and manager/owner. As the owner of the practice, I focus on providing excellent customer service, educating and retaining our employees and staying profitable. My favorite role, however, is to work one-on-one with my patients to help them achieve the smile they have always wanted. Sometimes that is just a pain-free bowl of ice-cream. But for others, it is a total smile makeover or a return to the smile of their youth. Today’s dental technology makes that all possible. What are the biggest challenges in your business right now? The ever-widening chasm of how much it costs for dentists to provide a high-quality level of care and competence vs. what insurance companies are willing to pay for our services is a growing challenge. Dental offices have a very high overhead rate compared to the medical industry, but insurance companies are attempting to squeeze dental reimbursements down to the level of medical coverage. This isn’t sustainable, and for the first time in history, there is a growing number of dental office bankruptcies. If you could go back in time, what business advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? I would encourage my younger self to stay out of the insurance arena. Independent doctors can take care of their patients without interference from some paper pushing, cost-containment clerk at the insurance company. I’d also draw on the advice of high-quality advisers much earlier in my career. The school of hard knocks is...
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7th Annual Dentistry From the Heart

On Saturday, March 24th 2018 Norge Dental Center will be hosting our 7th Annual Dentistry From the Heart event. Our team will be providing the first 200+ patients with a free cleaning, extraction or filling. Eligible to patients age 18+ only. We will have dozens of hygienists, dental assistants, dental professionals and volunteers donating their time and resources in order to provide thousands of dollars in free dental care and much-needed relief to people in need in the community. Patients are asked to arrive early as the event is a first come first serve basis. Event registration will begin at 8:00 am and patients will be seen through 4:00 pm that day. Patients are also encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather, to bring a chair, blankets, water, snacks, etc. as they may be waiting outside to be seen. For more information about the event please connect with us on Facebook or contact us at 757-564-0804. Event Title: Dentistry From the Heart Event Date & Time (Begin to End): March 24, 2018 8am-4pm SaveSave SaveSave 

Virginia Gazette: Norge Dental Center to offer free dental care on Saturday

Norge Dental Center is providing free extractions, fillings or cleanings Saturday at its office as part of its Dentistry from the Heart event. “We want to give back to the community. Our office has been here for over 25 years, this is our way to kind of say thank you and give patients a chance to get service,” said Alyssa Stevens, Norge Dental Center hygiene coordinator. This will be the sixth year of the event, and Stevens said last year 200 people attended the event. “Since we started in 2012, we’ve seen over 1,100 patients,” Stevens said. The event will feature 13 dentists and 75 volunteers. Norge Dental Center will have four of their dentists on hand, and the other nine dentists come from across the state. Stevens said they will work on 19 patients at a time; the event is first come, first serve. “It’s a big, huge event,” Stevens said. You must be at least 18 years old to receive care. Jefferson can be reached by phone at 757-790-9313. Want to go? When: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., March 25 Where: 7450 Richmond Rd Copyright © 2017, The Virginia Gazette  

Free Dentistry March 25th, 2017

On Saturday, March 25th 2017 Norge Dental Center will be hosting our 6th Annual Dentistry From the Heart event.   Our team will be providing the first 200+ patients with a free cleaning, extraction or filling. We will have several hygienists, dental assistants, dental professionals and volunteers donating their time and resources in order to provide thousands of dollars in free dental care and much needed relief to people in need in the community.   Patients are asked to arrive early as the event is a first come first serve basis. Event registration will begin at 7:30am and patients will be seen through 4:00pm that day. Patients are also encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather, to bring a chair, blankets, water, snacks, etc. as they may be waiting outside to be seen. For more information about the event please connect with us on Facebook or contact us at 757-941-7682. Date & Time: March 25, 2017 7:30am-4pm Location: Norge Dental Center You must be 18 years or older to receive care.   
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