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Williamsburg Community Member Spotlight Kevin Francis

sr-trooper-kevin-francisFor Kevin Francis, service is second nature and he’s not stopping any time soon.

It was his commitment to the US Navy that first brought Kevin Francis to Hampton Roads from New Jersey in 1990. He faithfully completed his 20 year Navy career and then went immediately into Law Enforcement – claiming he wanted to serve his state just as he had served his country. Kevin also wanted to, quite simply, “help people.”

“I have met a ton of great people during my career… and have seen many things that have really opened my eyes as to what’s really out here in the world we live in.”

Perhaps it these dueling perspectives that motivate Kevin to serve beyond even his daily job. Involved in various community groups as a safety advocate and speaker, Kevin is committed to his community across the generations. He currently serves on the State and Peninsula SALT (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) Councils and  participates  in York County’s Safety Town Program, teaching a sessions on “Tricky people” to pre-Kindergarten students.

A certified crime prevention specialist, Kevin also works in the Safety Department supervising state inspection stations. Kevin confesses “My philosophy is, ‘If someone else can do it, so can I,”” and then adds, laughing, “I’ve been pretty successful so…on to dentistry!”

Whether you meet Kevin at one of a dozen places around Hampton Roads or right here in our office we know his kind heart will leave an impression on you. Thank you Kevin. Norge Dental is grateful for how your story has improved our community!

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