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What’s the most American thing about you? It could be your smile.

In the world, Americans are known for friendliness, tipping culture – and for being a bit rowdy. (Hey, we like to have a good time!) A visitor to our country might also notice how much we like our personal space – and ice in our beverages.

But what you may find surprising is how American it is to smile. We smile when we’re happy, confident or neutral. We smile in part to put others at ease. And if you’re not American, you may be confused as to why we’re grinning from ear to ear!

A look at the science of smiling reveals exactly why smiles are so American. Our country has a history of immigration, which means we count on smiling to communicate when not everyone shares the same language. Emotional expressiveness is correlated with diversity.

As a dentist, it’s interesting to see that culturally, smiles are important to Americans. It’s no surprise to us. Your smile is how you communicate with the people around you, and our patients who have cosmetic procedures are very happy with the result.

If someone feels anything less than confident about their smile, I often share options for cosmetic procedures. We start with a no-fee smile consultation and make a plan from there.

Bryce Easley, recently featured on our blog, knew he wanted veneers. He came to Norge because he had saved up – and getting the gaps between his teeth corrected was something he always hoped to do. Bryce decided not to wait any longer and invested in himself, and we hope you’ll do the same.

Three reasons Americans put off cosmetic work include –

  • Uncertainty of the outcome. Patients like Bryce begin with a digital mock-up. This allows you to see exactly what your new smile will look like. From there, we make sure the fit, bite and look are all correct. Fun fact: at Norge Dental Center, we even provide cosmetic dentistry to both Mrs. and Miss Virginia. So we promise, you’re in good hands!
  • Time. If you believe you may need extensive work, come in for a no-fee smile consult, and we can discuss your options and how it fits into your schedule. It’s possible that we can complete more work in a single appointment if time is a factor for you. And keep in mind, we’ll never send you home without a smile if you’re getting veneers or implants.
  • Cost. Imagine if you’d gotten cosmetic work done 5 years ago when you first considered it. Would the cost have been worth it by now? It’s possible – especially because studies show people with a great smile seem more likely to get a job they interview for when compared to other candidates. Some patients are surprised to learn that dental bonding or whitening is often much more affordable than they expected. It never hurts to ask your dentist and get a sense of the investment so you can make a plan.
We hope you enjoy your 4th of July weekend ahead. When you’re smiling up at the fireworks over the holiday, think about how showing off your smile is really part of the American way and can make someone else’s day!
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