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Dr. Jared Kneib

“With all of my patients, my goal is to achieve their goals as perfectly as possible – while they stay as comfortable as possible. I absolutely enjoy going above and beyond people’s expectations.”

Dentistry is a family affair for Dr. Jared Kneib – in a big way. 

Dr. Kneib’s father is a longtime dentist in Erie, Pennsylvania, heading up the practice where his son has worked as an associate for the past six years. One of his brothers is that practice’s office manager. His sister is a dentist. His mother and his wife, Brianne, are dental hygienists. Only his oldest brother broke the trend by going into banking.  

“He’s the rebel,” Dr. Kneib jokes. “I feel like dentistry is in my blood. I like the idea of continuing the legacy and helping people as much as I can.” 

Growing up, Dr. Kneib was fascinated by biology, architecture and art classes. So he enjoys the combination of science, creativity and intricate work involved in quality dentistry. He describes himself as a very detail-oriented person.  

The young dentist, father of a baby boy, also likes to give his patients practical tips for taking care of teeth. With parents of small children, for example, he emphasizes a healthy diet – vegetables, limited sugary and hard candies and much more water than juice and soda – which can make up for those inevitable missed brushing and flossing sessions.  

Dr. Kneib is aware that many people are nervous at the dentist, so he aims to use humor and a laid-back demeanor to put them at ease. “I’m a pretty social and outgoing person,” he says. “I just try to always be myself.” 


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, with Minors in Chemistry and Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh, 2007

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine; recipient of the William G. Arthur Prosthodontic Award and the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Award, 2011

  • Associate at Kneib Dentistry in Erie, Pa., 2011-2017. Proficiencies include Restorative Dentistry, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery, Implant Dentistry, Pedodontics and Orthodontics (certified by the United States Dental Institute of Certified Orthodontics) 

Did you know?  Dr. Kneib’s wife is a graduate of James Madison University and already a big fan of Virginia. The couple is excited to raise their baby boy, Brooks, here.  

Dr. Kneib is passionate about fly fishing and has already mapped out possible sites to visit within striking distance of his new home. But these days, he devotes much of his free time to his family. “I want to expose my little boy to as many new things as I can,” he says.

As a child and teenager, Dr. Kneib took a lot of drawing, painting and sculpting classes, learning artistic skills he has brought to improving each patient’s smile. 


  • PDA: Pennsylvania Dental Association
  • United States Dental Institute
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