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Dr. Aarthi Balasubramaniam

“I like to treat and provide for my patients as I would for my own family members, and this approach brings out the best in me.”

People from cultures all over the world – no matter how different they may be – can share the exact same anxieties about going to the dentist. 

Dr. Aarthi Balasubramaniam, who grew up in India and got her start in dentistry there, knows all about those universal nerves. That’s why Dr. Balasubramaniam, who prefers to go by “Dr. Aarthi”, believes in going the extra mile to keep her patients happy and healthy. Her goal is to interact with each one just as she would want if she was in that chair – a position she frequently experienced as a dental student.

Dr. Aarthi also is happy to share her lifelong fascination with teeth, which began when she was a young child who could pull out her own loose teeth with no squeamishness or pain. She couldn’t understand why her sister always made such a fuss about going to the dentist. 

When braces fixed her crooked teeth, Dr. Aarthi saw how she went from gentle teasing to flattering compliments about her smile. Good, healthy teeth, she learned, could make a big impression. 

Although her father originally wanted her to become a doctor, Dr. Aarthi followed her interest in oral health. She studied for a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a Master of Dental Surgery-Periodontology at Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital in Tamil Nadu, India, where she earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average in both programs. 

Dr. Aarthi worked for two years as an associate dentist in clinics in Chennai, a diverse city on the Bay of Bengal in southern India that is one of the country’s biggest cultural, economic and educational hubs. A strong desire to continue learning propelled her to the United States, where she trained as an advanced standing student at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and completed a Doctor of Dental Medicine in 2017. Also at Tufts, she worked on periodontal research on the topic of the prevalence of periodontal bone loss in patients with joint replacements. 

Through her 10-plus years of education and experience, Dr. Aarthi has realized that she wants to treat not just a patient’s teeth, but to address his or her oral health as an important part of general well-being. She aims to simplify dentistry by answering any questions in an easy, approachable manner and enjoys sharing both information and laughs with her patients. 

Patience and understanding, she feels, can transform anyone’s outlook on oral procedures. Easing concerns makes her happy, especially if she can keep people from dreading appointments or, even worse, avoid seeing a dentist until they are in severe discomfort. 

So don’t be scared! Dr. Aarthi is here to help. 


  • B.D.S, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital, Tamil Nadu, India
  • M.D.S (Periodontology) Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital, Tamil Nadu, India
  • D.M.D Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA
Did you know? She moved from India to the United States four years ago, and from Massachusetts to Virginia in 2017. She enjoys traveling to all of the country’s beautiful cities and national parks with her husband, Sidd, and is looking forward to exploring her new home. 

As a complete foodie, Dr. Aarthi loves to try out new restaurants in an area and always welcomes suggestions! She is open to all types of cuisine. Visiting the many fine dining restaurants in Boston was an item she crossed off on her bucket list. 

Dr. Aarthi’s other interests include art, including painting and do-it-yourself projects. 

Dr. Aarthi’s best friend’s father was her orthodontist and further encouraged her interest in oral health as she went through her braces treatment.  

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