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Meet Dr. Aaron Iverson

I want to be the same way at work as I am anywhere else –  I like to having fun, learning about people, and using my detail oriented, creative focus to provide high quality, beautiful solutions for people.” Dr. Aaron Iverson first decided to be a dentist in the 4th grade, but his favorite class as an undergraduate? Landscape architecture. “I enjoyed it for the creative approach that requires analysis and careful planning to solve a problem or provide a desired solution for a client.” Dr. Iverson brings this same combination of analytical skill, creativity, and personalization to his work as a dentist. Always looking to improve himself, Dr. Iverson holds the philosophy “If someone else can do it, I can too,” and is constantly looking for ways to innovate,  which motivates his commitment to continuing education.  A self-proclaimed “outdoor guy” who would always prefer to be sleeping in tent or on a too thin air mattress, Dr. Iverson’s high energy curiosity about both the world and people makes him a perfect fit for Norge. “What a cool profession!” he exclaims about dentistry, “We can have such an immediate impact on a person’s self-confidence.” A father of 5 kids and husband to a talented artist, Dr. Iverson’s home life maintains the same level of high paced excitement he enjoys working. If he’s not at Norge he can be found woodworking, reading fiction, or most likely playing with his kids. If you’re interested  in it, he’s interested in it, which is why you’ll hear Dr. Iverson sharing a discussion he had with a neighbor that morning about telescopes, or asking detailed questions about his patient’s hobbies, all while doing a level of excellent, precise dental work guaranteed to make them smile. Did you Know? He’s a huge Dallas Stars fan  (hockey team) and passionate all-around sports junkie, without having a TV or time to watch. Also, played soccer for 14 years and hopes to get back to it soon.
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