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How Your Dentist Can Help With Headaches & Jaw Pain (TMJ)

If you experience frequent headaches in your everyday life, it’s time to take a closer look because having a headache multiple times per week may not be something you have to live with.

Very often, your jaw could be the culprit. Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ disorders) affects 15% of Americans, and could be the reason you’re experiencing the following symptoms:

-frequent headaches

-jaw pain

-clicking/popping noises when your mouth opens

Keep in kind clicking and popping don’t necessarily have to be present for there to be a jaw problem that causes headaches. The good news is that our team at Norge Dental Center can help!

TMJ can start with because of other conditions, like arthritis, tooth and jaw alignment issues, and stress and/or teeth grinding. If there have been past injuries or dislocation, TMJ may be a longer-term effect. Symptoms range from migraine headaches to teeth clenching and grinding, all directly impacting how you feel on a daily basis.

Your teeth shouldn’t be causing you pain, and one of the first steps to treating TMJ is proper diagnosis. Before your next dental appointment, prepare a list of all the symptoms you experiencing on a daily or weekly basis. It’s important to tell your dentist what’s been bothering you so we can help – and it’s important to write these down in advance so you don’t forget in the moment! When checking for TMJ, your dentist will perform an exam to check your joints/muscles for tenderness and see if you have difficulty moving them.

If diagnosed with a TMJ disorder, we can help correct or manage symptoms so you can get back to living your life. There are multiple solutions available, and your dentist will work with you to determine the best one.

TMJ Mouthguards are worn to help protect your teeth against grinding/clenching during the night. If prescribed this device, you’ll remove it in the morning – hopefully headache free! If a mouthguard isn’t enough, Bite Correction might be recommended. This treatment requires dental work as it may include dental crowns, orthodontics, bridges or other techniques. Bite correction helps ensure the proper contact between your top and bottom teeth.

If you have an upcoming appointment, make sure to share with your dentist any symptoms you’ve been experiencing. And if you’re new to Norge Dental Center, we’ll discuss all of your questions and concerns during your first visit.

You really can live a happier, pain-free life just by asking for help. Call our office directly at (757) 941-7682 to make an appointment.

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