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Do you smile small? How to add power to your smile and your words

Every time she spoke in front of the audience, she couldn’t help but wonder: What if they are thinking more about my teeth than what I’m saying?

All her life, Tiffany Lantz was self-conscious of her smile. She did get compliments on her smile. She had a beautiful smile – but she knew her front teeth were discolored too.

The truth is, it didn’t matter who else noticed. Tiffany noticed. She thought about it and often “smiled small” in order to hide the discolored part of her teeth.

Tiffany is a surgical ICU nurse at Riverside Regional Medical Center, and when she’s not working there, she speaks to groups of women as part of a sales team. At the hospital, she’s up close and personal with her patients. When she’s speaking, she wanted to be presentable – and she didn’t want her looks to ever distract from her message.

Tiffany knew if her teeth looked better, she would feel better in every aspect of her work. She decided to take the step to finally invest in herself. As a healthcare professional herself, Tiffany knew she wanted a practice that was the best care she could find.

“As a nurse, I know what outstanding patient care should look like, and I can say that at Norge Dental Center, it’s incredible. From the efficiency of service to the caring staff, it was a personalized experience. It wasn’t only about my teeth – it was about me as a person.”

Amie Wade, the dental assistant at Norge Dental Center, was one of the highlights of Tiffany’s experience. She was on top of the shades, level of numbing and special considerations Tiffany needed.

Veneers are not just about a stunning smile. It’s about the shape of your mouth and the shade of your teeth. They are custom-designed to suit your mouth and your preferences, so no one would ever guess they’re not your natural teeth.

There’s always the moment of truth, when you get to see your new smile for the first time. What ran through Tiffany’s head?

That’s really me! Where’s the gap? Is this real life right now?

It was. Ever since that day she’s constantly had a big smile across her face. She gets repeated and genuine compliments from people she meets.

As Tiffany continues to coach women and motivate them, she can really say she believes in what she always recommends to her audience: Invest in yourself.

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