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Is it time for your turnaround story? A story for “dentist-avoiders”

Ashley started her career in TV and radio, but she always knew she wanted to be in sports news. So when she was covering Superbowl XLVIII and she learned that TMZ was launching TMZ Sports, she moved to LA for the job. Ashley followed new opportunities and later worked for the NFL. It was a true dream job for her. After 3 years in LA, she knew she wanted to live closer to home in Hampton Roads. Today Ashley is director of marketing for VB Nightlife, where she helps local businesses promote their events and happy hours, and she runs a social media business. She also co-hosts Living 757, a Hampton Roads entertainment program that just launched September 2019. She takes a lot of photos for her social media business, as well as events. She often turned to one side because she never liked how the other side of her smile looked in pictures. This was part of a trend of avoiding the dentist for Ashley. Growing up, she hated going to the dentist. It always reminded her of a doctor’s office – and so she went as scarcely as she could get away with as a young adult. She never saw a dentist after college, and never saw a dentist when living in LA. At this point, it was 5-6 years since Ashley had dental care. She thought she would be fine, but deep down she knew better. Finally, a friend recommended a trusted dentist that could take a look at Ashley’s teeth and smile. Ashley was nervous because, even though she had a nice smile, she knew this dentist would be able to tell she hadn’t been to the dentist for a professional cleaning in years. Ashley went to see Dr. Timothy Johnston at Norge Dental Center.. He never made her feel bad about not having been to the dentist for so long. To Ashley’s surprise, the office was more like a spa than a doctor’s office. In the end, Ashley had several cavities. This was what Ashley was afraid of – but the truth is addressing it was much better than avoiding it any longer. Her cavities were addressed easily and painlessly. She also talked to Dr. Johnston about improving her smile. It wasn’t as brilliant as she wanted it to be – so together she and Dr. Johnston worked on a plan to dramatically change her smile. First, she had some periodontal work with Dr. Johnston. This helped with a smile that shows a lot of someone’s gums to make teeth look larger. Ashley was able to drive herself to and from her appointment and resume her everyday life immediately. Then, Dr. Johnston’s team designed veneers for Ashley. For a few weeks, she had temporary veneers while her custom veneers were at the lab. Then she had her permanent veneers placed – and she loved the result. Absolutely loved it! Today Ashley gets compliments on her smile – and, it looks so natural, no one guesses she has had any work done, and everyone asks how she gets her teeth so white! Even better, Ashley feels like she smiles more often. “I have more confidence and smile bigger now,” said Ashley. “Dr. Johnston and everyone at Norge Dental Center put me at ease. I used to avoid the dentist, but now I’m totally at ease.” Today, she can’t even remember which side was her “good side” before she got veneers.
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