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Leave White Smile FOMO Behind: 3 Reasons to Go PRO for Teeth Whitening

You see a brilliant smile on TV and think… no one could have been born with such perfect teeth! You’re feeling major FOMO (the “Fear of Missing Out”) about a sparkling white smile.

So you look for a quick fix.

Often, it’s at the pharmacy. On the teeth whitening aisle, there are plenty of big promises about how many shades whiter your teeth can be – and how quickly it can happen. As dentists, we can tell you that pharmacy options are often time-consuming and simply don’t deliver the look that patients hope for.

Maybe in the past, you used whitening strips that didn’t fit your teeth very well. Or maybe you’ve discovered a mouthful of hydrogen peroxide or activated charcoal doesn’t really whiten your teeth very well. You’re certainly not alone in that because we have heard it all!

Many patients are frustrated with whitening on their own – yet still haven’t asked their dentist about teeth whitening. We have found patients don’t seek professional teeth whitening for a few reasons.

1. Patients would rather not bring up the topic of teeth whitening. We want our patients to understand that over time, it’s very common for teeth to lose their pearly white look. It doesn’t mean you’re not taking care of your teeth – and you should never be embarrassed to bring up a concern with our team. Our approach at Norge Dental Center is shame-free. So ask away – that’s what we’re here for.

2. Patients don’t know the difference professional teeth whitening makes. If you have ever been disappointed with the time commitment or the end-result of commercial whitening tools, we would love to show you a new way. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is. Many patients tell us they wished they had asked about whitening sooner.

Just a few of the difference are – Oversight by a professional team to help keep teeth strong and address sensitivity Better results – because not all stains are the same. Dentists are particularly able to handle tougher stains, like those caused by tetracycline. No unexpected striations that make it obvious you’ve whitened (part) of your teeth See significant results in just one appointment

At Norge Dental Center, we do in-house whitening treatments, and our team can create custom-fit whitening trays for you. In addition, we’ll help you keep your smile white after whitening with a gel you can use at home to help maintain your results.

3. Patients think of teeth whitening as a luxury, not a necessity. A massage, nail appointment or afternoon shopping are common ways to treat yourself too – yet whitening is seen as too big a commitment. Have you imagined the difference a luminous smile would have on your daily life? The impact and value of a smile you love could be far greater than all of those little luxuries combined.

The cherry on top is – whitening is often more affordable than expected. All you have to do is ask, so give us a call.

Stop the FOMO and all the frustrating whitening options you’ve tried before. When you decide to let our professional dental team enhance your pearly whites, you will see it’s worth it to whiten.

Make an appointment today and let us know what you envision for your smile.

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